Ellie Royce,

     Children's Author,


                       Creative Human.


As a Children's author I build story bridges  for the most important people in the world... KIDS!

# we are all made of stories....


You've read the blog, now check out THE PODCAST! Stories, what they are, what they do, how they can make your life  better, as well as chats with other creative souls who share their stories.

Small detail : not all episodes will be suitable for kids, sometimes we may get a bit sweary- every episode will specify the language within.

   Available where all good podcasts live 

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As a story catcher, I consume stories.

All kinds of stories!

Our stories are threads weaving us together into families, communities and cultures. 

They create our reality.

Stories can heal, inspire and bring hope. They tell us where we've been and where we're going.

I can't change the world,

but I can tell you a story.

Maybe it's just the one you need...

Our stories make us real.

What's your story?

On my blog We are all made of Stories I share my story as well as  the stories of some fantastic creators.

Why not pop  over and check it out?

As a creative human, this is my story.

I want it to be a fun one! I do lots of things;  write, read, cook, run workshops, grow food, watch the stars, listen to the ocean, make new stories out of old ones, learn stuff.

I LOVE learning stuff! 

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